1. Who we are 11. Design Updates
2. laFraise facts 12. Copyrights
3. How it works 13. Customer Service
4. Classic Contest 14. Order Status
5. Sponsored Contest 15. Shipping & Delivery
6. Hype-Filter 16. Express Shipping
7. Gallery Moderation 17. Vouchers And Coupon Codes
8. Designs – The Common Ground 18. Volume Discount
9. Technical Requirements 19. Partner Programm
10. Creative Requirements

1. Who we are is the social network for graphic designers and artists. We empower graphic designers and artists to connect, share, inspire, and interact with each other and fans globally. Most graphic designers and artists feel their artistic talent is squashed while working anonymously on other people’s projects.

Our platform ignites a graphic designer’s and artist’s brand recognition through social response.

2. laFraise facts

  • 2013: laFraise re-launches the existing platform and expands the most known European t-shirt design contest to a global community for creative people.
  • 2012: The professional contest-as-a-service program opens up the platform to business partners.
  • 2011: laFraise launches a high-quality on-demand printing system.
  • 2007: The platform is made available in English, French and German.
  • 2006: Spreadshirt purchases laFraise and integrates it into its fast-growing business.
  • 2004: laFraise was founded by Patrice Cassard in France as a personal project.


3. How it works

laFraise is a social network for graphic designers and artists. Show the world what you’re made off – on our platform you can showcase your designs on a global scale. All we need from you is a simple jpg or png file with a resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels. And of course: designs that have the potential to be printed on our amazing products work best.

We also look forward to meeting new people who just want to get inspired and give feedback on the work of our creative people. But that’s not all, has more to offer. Next to the interactive exchange on our platform, there is also a contest. Here you can rate which designs submitted by our graphic designer and artists come out best when compared with each other.

4. Classic Contest

The contest takes place on a weekly basis, and both winners are rewarded with a prize of €1,000. At the beginning of every week, we choose a selection of really outstanding designs. Then these designs are open for polling. Those two designs which get most of the votes by the end of the week win the prize money.

In order to take part in the classic contest, you only need to upload heaps of cool designs to And if we think that your work has got what it takes, then it is only a matter of time until you get shortlisted for the contest so that you get a chance to win €1,000. Shhh… of course you can bang your own marketing drums as well. That’s completely okay with us, and if you feel like inviting a few friends to take part at the laFraise contest – all the better. And if you provide useful feedback for other designers, you will increase your chances of getting our attention.

5. Sponsored Contest

We occasionally work with sponsors too. In collaboration with these partners, we come up with a topic for a special contest. Here it is our goal to find a suitable design that meets the needs of our partner. Everybody can take part in sponsored contests. Unlike the Classic Contest, participants are not selected by us. Please refer to the briefing that comes with the respective contest to find the contest code that’s necessary to include when uploading your design for this contest.

Winning this contest is a tough challenge: our partners’ juries are quite critical as they expect a very high degree of professionalism. So we submit those ten designs to the partner that have received the best feedback, and the partner then picks the design which he thinks best meets their requirements. And to make it worth your while, there is always a massive prize up for grabs in the Sponsored Contest (that’s even higher than that of the Classic Contest).

6. Hype Filter has a very easy and straightforward rating system. If you like a design, you rate it with a heart. We are also quite interested in the people who create the designs, and this is why every designer collects the hearts of all of his designs visibly in his or her profile. So, all you need to do to find out which are the top designers at laFraise is to check out the total number of hearts collected on the profile.

To honour our previous contest winners, we are very much interested in maintaining our high quality standards. But we don’t want to restrict your creative freedom, so we have come up with a compromise to suit everyone. Your designs will only become visible in the main galleries once you have received a certain number of hearts or until the Hype Filter is switched off on our website. We do know, however, that the Hype Filter is a bit of an obstacle for new designers. But we want people to take our contests seriously, and we are keen on maintaining our high quality standards. But don’t worry, there’s no Hype Filter in our contests. On the contrary. the Classic Contest offers a perfect opportunity for us to meet new and fresh talent that deserve exposure. And the Sponsored Contest is perfectly suited for everyone to attract attention and get new followers. And that’s worth taking part in itself.

7. Gallery Moderation

We´re always happy to welcome a new member to the world of laFraise. And to keep our world aka design gallery free from spam, we follow a policy of open content moderation.
An example: Having burnt the midnight oil to create a fab design, you upload it or a variety of versions of your designs. After a while, you notice that your design or some versions of it have gone walkies – they’re gone. 1 in 1000 times this is due to a bug. But usually it is quite likely that we have deactivated your design for one of these reasons:

  • Your design hasn’t collected any hearts, even after several days
    Collecting hearts should be as easy as falling off a log. There are a lot of active users out there. If your design does not collect any hearts, it might – sadly so – not be as exciting as you’d have hoped.
  • Your design violates third-party rights
    You may call it fan art or a parody, but lawyers scrounging for easy prey won’t be too impressed. In legal terms it’s plain and simple copyright violation. And this is bound to make you cry once presented with the bill
  • Your design is uploaded in many similar versions
    People will let you know if they want to see your design in different colors. You can always update an unsuccessful design to improve its success.
  • Your design has too much foreign content
    Your design plays too evidently on the fame of another graphic depiction. If you e.g. only put a filter on an image, you can’t claim it your own.
  • Your design is not unique enough for our basic understanding of artwork
    Just copying & pasting a design or graphics from the internet just doesn’t cut the mustard. The same is true for randomly drawn up lines, kid-like drawings and slogans or text on their own.

You can use small graphics that you find online as long as these are only used in a supplementary way.  An example: You use the image of a bird that you find online and use it as a peripheral element of a jungle scene. That’s fine. But displaying the bird by itself cannot be considered unique artwork.

8. Designs – The Common Ground

We don´t have a clearly defined standard as we are keen on being a platform for designers to discover and foster talent. We´re constantly on the lookout for new designers, and we offer our support whenever we can.
So, what makes an “ordinary design” different from congenial artwork?
Anything created by people could be described as “a design”, so we just have to draw a line. This line separates truly creative and unique graphic depictions of wit and esthetic beauty from random and artless results of graphics tools. Or anything that is as conventional as a cartoon in your local newspaper.

We are looking for designs that are backed by a creative idea. Anything that is exciting and fresh.
This can be i.e. typographic art, fantastic illustrations and any design telling a little joke or story.
Just think that someone sees your design and says “wow”!


9. Technical Requirements

A jpg file with a resolution of at least 1000 x 1000 pixels is all it needs to get started. And if you can supply a png file with a transparent background, that would make our day. This will make it easier to print your design on many different products. It would also be good if you could keep a high-resolution file that can be used for print so that your followers can order your design in ready-to-print quality. We at only use digital print for fashioning our products, and this is why we don’t need vector graphic files or other special file formats of any kind.

10. Creative Requirements

We can print your designs on T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and smartphone covers. All of these products have one thing in common: they are ideally suited for portrait format image prints. So it would be good if you created your designs in a portrait format alignment so that we can use them for big full format prints. A kind of special template is not necessary: you decide which aspect ratio you want to go with. We take care of positioning it on the product in the best possible way.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid any kind of background patterns or any other background details. These may look nice in the gallery, but it usually doesn’t come out great on a T-shirt. And if you can create a design that works on a variety of background colours, then you have reached the zenith of perfect design creations.

Just one more thing: ethically, your design should not overstep the boundaries of good taste and live up to a certain degree of artistic standards. Unsuitable, pornographic or discriminating content will be deleted on the basis of case-to-case decisions.

11. Design Update

Every design uploaded to our platform can be changed at any time. When updating a design, all comments and ratings remain in their entirety. So you don’t need to worry that your improved version will have to start all over again. This way, your portfolio can be continuously improved. Your followers will of course appreciate if you add a short comment stating that you have updated your design.

12. Copyrights

When uploading a design to, you still own 100% of the copyrights and all other usage rights related to the design. This is true as long as you don’t infringe third party rights, of course. Any terms diverting from this are in need of a separate agreement. We also reserve the right to delete those designs that raise suspicion in terms of copyright infringements and violation of third party rights.

13. Customer Service

It is our goal to make you happy with your order. Should you not be content due to any reason whatever, please write us an email. And of course you can reach us via telephone in case it’s very urgent. Our service team looks forward to tend to your questions – please get in touch via email – – or call our hotline 9am – 6pm CET/CEST: +44 (0) 2031 3728 37. We will do our best to help you, whether you received your order today or a long time ago.

14. Order Status

On completing your order, you will immediately receive a notification by email. In a second email you will be informed that the product has been dispatched. And you can always trace the current order status by logging into your profile and clicking on ‘previous orders’.

15. Shipping & Delivery

We dispatch our products in big mailer envelopes so that you get your order as soon as possible. The postman will find it easy to drop it off in your mailbox. More substantial orders are dispatched in parcels. These can be traced as well – nothing gets lost.

Depending on the orders weight, standard delivery takes about 5 days once you’ve received notification about the order’s dispatch. If you should happen to live in a rather remote location, it may take a couple of days longer. Please let us know if delivering your order should take much longer than this.

Delivery Costs (Standard shipping)

up to €29.00
€29.01 to €59.99
€60.00 or more
France (incl. DOM TOM Countries)
Switzerland *
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
Norway *


up to €49.00
€49.01 to €98.00
over €98.01
United States*

16. Express Shipping

Urgent orders can be delivered express. If you mark an order express by 10am CET, your order can be delivered to a German address the next day, and to any other location within two days. You will receive a likely delivery date during the order process.

Please note: is unfortunately not able to guarantee express delivery for all orders. Processing an order can lead to unpredictable circumstances that make express deliveries impossible. In case express delivery should not be successful, please send a quick email to our service team.

Delivery Costs (Express shipping)

Germany 16,00 €
Switzerland *
The Netherlands
20,00 €
United Kingdom
France (incl. DOM TOM Countries)
25,00 €

* Additional expenses from import duties and taxes may be applied upon arrival.

17. Vouchers And Coupon Codes

If you have a really good friend or someone in your family who knows how to make you really happy, then it is quite likely that you’ve received a much sought-after laFraise voucher. And if not, we’re still here. Our present for you will be a discount code that will give you reason to smile even if it’s not your birthday.

Both gifts work about the same. You’re going to get a code that you can use with your next order at laFraise. That means more fun for less money. You can redeem one code at a time.

In order to do so, you need to enter the code when checking out with your order. Just enter it in the respective field and confirm that you want to redeem it. Then you will get an updated price for your order. In case this should not apply, please get in touch with our service team immediately, because you can only ever use a coupon once.

18. Volume Discount

laFraise has a host of incredibly cool and funny T-shirt designs on offer. And if you cannot resist: Our laFraise volume discount gives you the chance to save some cash on your next order. Whether you want the tees all for yourself or you order for your mates as well or you feel like selling them on,

This discount scale applies:
Articles per order Discount Voucher code
30 or more 20%* LFVOLUME30
50 or more 25%* LFVOLUME50
100 or more 30%* LFVOLUME100

*discount on merchandise value
Just pick a tee from our shop, enter your voucher code in the shopping basket area – and off you go!

Companies ordering from outside Europe need to state their VAT ID when filling in the online form. A subsequent correction of order data is not possible according to tax law.

And since a lot of our T-shirts are only produced once an order has been placed, we unfortunately cannot offer you express delivery for volume discounts.

If you should have any questions regarding the volume discount, please refer to our friendly service team:

19. Partner Programm

If you have your own website or your own blog, and your profile gets a lot of hits on social networks, then you can earn a lot of money with the affiliate programme by laFraise.

Our affiliate programme runs in cooperation with Zanox. All you need to do is register with Zanox, and then apply for our affiliate programme.

In case you should need any help or if you have any questions, please write an email to

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